Hire Oliur

About me

I'm a designer who specialises in web based projects, having built websites that have reached millions. I also have a passion for business and always try to produce work that is profitable. Clean, functional and minimalism is part of my core and is what I try to portray in everything I produce.

What I can do for you

Need a new website? Need to boost your social media reach? Need to create the best workflow for your app? Need creative direction? Or just want to talk and get some advice? These are just some of the ways I can help.

How to hire me

There are two ways you can hire me.

  1. Hire me for 1 - 3 hours. Perfect if you're looking for advice or direction. You can buy my time here and I'll be in touch to book a time and date that fits us both.
  2. Hire me for a project that requires more of my time. This is perfect for much larger projects such as web design, app design, creative direction, social media...etc. Email me about your project.