I’m Oliur — a designer, photographer and creator based in the UK. I started as a web designer but my skills have evolved to doing a mix of everything from creating digital content to running successful e-commerce stores.


Design Work ->

I share selected design work on my Dribbble profile. You'll mainly find web and mobile based projects.

Photography Work ->

You can see some of my selected photography work for various brands over the years.

YouTube ->

I upload videos covering premium tech, design and lifestyle.

The Newsletter ->

Subscribe to my newsletter where I share my experiences.

Teaching Design ->

I teach others how to design and make websites.

ULX Store ->

Premium products in the technology and lifestyle space.

LinxSupply ->

An ecommerce store selling various products like tees and posters.

Lightroom Presets Collection ->

A series of Lightroom presets custom made from years of editing photos.

Consulting ->

You can hire me for half an hour.


Quick Design Tips ->

I’ve put together a class going through some of my favourite design tips. These are tips and tricks I’ve learned…

Blur Wallpapers 01 ->

Eight colourful blurry wallpapers in various colors. 5K resolution and can easily be rotated and adapted to work on on…